Monday, December 2, 2013

Smash Clash 0.3 Alpha - AI Demo

Don't Have an Android?

Not everyone can play the Smash Clash Alpha right now. So I finally figured out how to get my screen recorder to work and recorded about 2 minutes of the new AI in the game fighting. Hope you enjoy. Go ahead and subscribe to Impact Game's YouTube channel too!


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Character! Mr. Puffs

Mr. Puffs

That's right, we have a third character coming to Smash Clash. Aniforlife is doing an amazing job with him so give him a visit at

Currently his moveset consists of a fin slap, ice master (as seen above) and belly flop! Mr. Puffs will be about to easily get around his opponents due to his lower center of gravity and size. Watch out for spamming one attack (such as ice master). A spam blocker will be implemented into the game mechanics soon.

Gives you something to look forward to in the coming versions, right? Don't forget to sign up for the alpha test in the downloads section to secure your spot for further Smash Clash updates! Only 30 remaining!

Another quick update, Smash Clash is now using Photon Cloud, a realtime, multiplayer, cross platform service for online games. I highly recommend them for indie developers as they are easy to work with an have great prices for indies.


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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Smash Clash 0.3 Alpha Test

Smash Clash 0.3 is Ready to Download

Head over the downloads section and test it out on Android. iPhones will be coming eventually. If you don't have an Android. Watch the promo video below!


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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Community Service Workshop #3 - York County Library


I was able to serve another group of students in learning how to become game developers. I was really impressed. Many of the students at the York County Library had a desire to learn. Right off the bat, one middle schooler told me about his idea to build a game like Clash of Clans, and it was great to see him learn how games like that are actually made.

We had a smaller class size than usual, about six students, which allowed for a more in-depth teaching. We went a little over time when we got a bit carried away while making the ninja loop around from all sides (so if he went off the right of the screen, he came back on the left). Overall, I was proud of everyone in that room.

summer camp

Last announcement about the workshop projects! Ms. Abbie Townson, the Young Adult Librarian at York County Library, invited me to run a week long summer camp for the students next summer which I'm super excited for! We will be able to go in-depth with app development and get so much more done than what he have in just 90 minutes!


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Multiplayer Video

Well, while we are still waiting for pictures of the last seminar, I'll show you guys a short video of early multiplayer working. Don't be too critical of its performance because it is still very early on in development. The full version will be a lot smoother and less choppy.

This functionality is available on the currently 0.2.5 release, but there are vast improvements in the upcoming beta.


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Smash Clash - New Stage

Two of our artists, Brian and Luke, have developed a very different kind of stage. We plan to add an element into the stage which makes it more dynamic. Not 100% sure if it will be complete by release of version 0.3, but you can still hope for it. Here is a screenshot of the first version.
It takes place on a space station orbiting the Earth. The two platforms are slightly at different heights allowing for a unique playing field where characters can use one jump to go to the right platform, but requiring two for the left. I hope you look forward to seeing this in the update.

Also you may have notices the eye in the upper right corner of the screen. I'll let you guys guess what that is.


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Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Successful Seminar

Game App Development Seminar

Yesterday I had another Game App Development seminar. This one went just as well as the first. We had a total of 11 students show up which was a perfect class size. The library we worked at did not have laptop computers to supple for us, so the biggest struggle during this class was to get all the computers set up with a Corona SDK developing environment. I was very impressed with several of the students, one in particular would always have his app fully working before I finished showing them what to type.

Lessons Learned

For something like developing an app, it can be hard to teach the students everything in an hour. I tried to get around this by breaking it into three parts, installing the program, giving a PowerPoint presentation, and then an interactive demo. What I hadn't considered is the possibility that some students may not have Windows laptops, and some may have trouble setting up the development environment. So the students with Macs had to have some help downloading the software (opposed to side loading it on a flash drive), and we had a few times where students would be waiting on another who was still trying to get the development environment working. Luckily, we didn't run into time trouble and I was proud of what everyone accomplished. If you want to see what app they created, see my last post here.

Smash Clash

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Giving Back - Game Dev Seminar

Game App Development Seminar

Yesterday was the first of my three video game development seminars I'm putting on as a community service project, and I must say, it went a lot better than I expected. The beginning started off a bit slow, just going through an informational PowerPoint, but by the end, these kids were starting to change their code without my instruction, making each of their games slightly unique. They weren't doing anything wrong by changing their code without me, in fact I loved to see this happen. By doing so, students learned that when you are programming something, you can do whatever you want to it. Many classes in schools today make students create boring projects such as calculators, or a menu screen. This seminar aimed to show kids how programming can actually be fun. And I think, for the most part, that goal became a success.

The App We Made

The basic app we were trying to create consisted of a background, text to keep score, and a ninja to click on. By the end, we ended up with students who had cridders, pikachus, and marios instead of a ninja, and some changed the background of the game in addition. One of the more brainiac kids completed the game on his own before the class did, and even added in a spinning effect to the ninja. One girl made me laugh when she realized, "I can add as many points as I want when you click the ninja. So I can cheat with my own game!" What went from something that seemed static and boring was now a place where students can bend and change to whatever they want. Another student showed me an inside joke reading "Ep!" with the score following in lieu of the standard score keeper. Programming can be so much more fun than writing lines of code. Not to mention the math you learn in the process which makes you a better academic student. It was a privilege to give these kids a taste of what it's like to develop a game, and I hope this seminar impacted them.

More Seminars

Two other seminars were done both at York County Library and Monroe Library. Blog posts about both can be found in the links below.
Blog posts:

Smash Clash

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Smash Clash Character

Recently I've began working with aniforlife from Deviant Art, and I must say, his work has been far past spectacular. Here is a sneak peak of the new character he is making for Smash Clash.

His work is great so do him a favor and visit him at and "watch" him or whatever following is called on Deviant Art.

Also, this character has yet to be named. He will use punches, kicks and fire to fight. If you have any name suggestions comment them here or send me a message at impactgamesstudio [at] (replace [at] with @).

Smash Clash
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What is Changing in Smash Clash 0.2.5

It's finally here! A lot has changde in 0.2.5. So without further to do.....

Particles are beginning to be used to their full potential such as red and white trails off the fireballs. You might also notice the fireballs themselves have been enlarged.
Players now each have their own player marker. In singleplayer, yours will always be red, while the CPUs have a grew arrow.
When you hit someone hard, you can see it now. Your opponent will not only flinch, but start to spin. The harder you hit them, the faster they spin.

Additionally, the menu has been given a slight upgrade in its look.

The CPUs have had some major improvements in version 0.2.5. They can get off ledges on their own (imagine that!) and they can attack you when you are sitting on the ledge. CPUs will not sucide on their own (a glitch in previous versions). Additionally, small tweets have been made to how the CPU behaves in general.

New Button:

A new "B" button has been added, now allowing each character to use both an "A" and "B" attack. A total of 8 attacks can be achieved! This allows each character in the game to be vastly different than the others, making the game fun and new to play each time.

One of the biggest problems in version 0.2.0 was that when a player was hit, the knockback would only be applied across the y-axis. Basically, you couldn't knock players off to the side, only upward. Now, the physics have improved tremendously and will continue to be tweeted as new updates roll out.

Another major change is the way the game handles attack movements. Now there is a short delay after each attack where your character is disabled, making a miss leaving yourself more open to a counterattack.


The multiplayer beta is now functional. Up to four devices can play in a single game setting! No other mobile game has ever shown such a unique multiplayer fighting game style such as Smash Clash! I've tested it with a few of my friends, and I still remain undefeated (nobody defeats the developer, it's just a natural law) so I cannot wait til the full game is released so maybe one of you out there can challenge me. Multiplayer is still in it's very early stages so expect to have problems. If you notice weird bugs please contact me. Generally, multiplayer should be good enough to have a decent battle with a friend or two...or three.

Full List:
 - Computers get off ledge
 - Player marker
 - Fireballs have particles
 - Flinch/hit physics fixed
 - Better hit trails
 - Attacks fixed
 - CPU attack characters on ledges
 - Players don't get stick halfway through one way platforms
 - New app icon
 - Mutliplayer with up to four different devices (in beta)
 - Share with friends button
 - Drop chips while dragging glitch fixed
 - Cancel setting hard key
 - B Button added
 - New attacks
 - Characters spin when attacked with force
 - Fireballs are bigger
 - Goes back to menu when timer depletes
 - Back button on stage select screen fixed
 - Other glitches
 - Improved game stability

Please note that Smash Clash is still in its very early stages. If you spot a bug, don't hesitate to email it to me at impactgamesstudio[at] (replace the [at] with @ of course).

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Download Smash Clash 0.2.5 Here!

Or watch the YouTube video. Note the low framerate is due to the video recording software. The actual game runs at 60 FPS.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bug Fixes

This is going to be a short post. I'd like to thank Boasting Toast from for pointing out some bugs in the current build. So tonight I took a few hours to crank out some fixes and I have to say, the game feels a lot smoother and just looks nicer than before. Here's a list of the problems and how they were fixed.
  - CPUs would get stuck on ledges. Okay the problem here was that when you get on a ledge, you must first release the joystick and buttons before you can push a button to get off. The AI had no concept of this so once I put that in it they now get off flawlessly
  - F-air is overpowered. This was a problem where the attack unexpectedly would take multiple hits on the character. Therefore instead of dealing the expected 8% damage, could potential deal 50% if timed right.
  - Attacks not sending characters far enough to sides. This was a tricky one. When a character is hit, it has his x velocity set to the attack's power. The problem was the character's air friction almost immediately drained this velocity to 0, so I had to slow down the air friction when fixed

I've also added a few bells and whistles in which you might see in the video.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th!!

So I know I'm a day late but...happy 4th to everyone!

Smash Clash News:
So I've been working hard to get the game to actually be playable, meaning you can actually hit your opponents! (Imagine that!) So I'm proud to say that all the attacks are in and the hitboxes work perfectly. Now you can have the world's first 4-player platformer fighting game in your pocket!

One of the biggest parts of this updates is that projectiles are finally working. There still remains a few problems with them, but those bugs should be fixed in the next update.

What's anything without food? Pick up the fruit for a health boost!

AI: CPUs now target the closest enemy and can fight decently.

I'm taking the development of multiplayer one step at a time. For this version, I got it so four players can connect into one room and select characters together.

And if that wasn't enough for you guys, here is the full list of updates!
 - Menu sound effects
 - Background camera fixed
 - Flash of light and particle effect when character dies
 - Game camera doesn't move too far away from stage
 - Timer at top of screen
 - All attacks
 - On screen stats
 - Hitboxes
 - Basic mode-type AI (switches between follow and attack mode)
 - Question mark boxes for characters
 - Characters flinch when attacked
 - Damage taken when attacked
 - Local save files
 - Adjust size of controls
 - Credits
 - One person on a ledge at a time
 - Pan during pause
 - Character select for multiplayer
 - Projectiles for characters (ex. fireball)
 - First item

Download it here for Android!

Or watch the video of it below!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Smash Clash

And here it goes. My game is now at the point where I feel completely comfortable with sharing it. So without further to do, here is Smash Clash!

You can see that my game does actually run on a device by downloading it below. Sorry iOS fans! Apple won't let me build for iOS unless I pay for some developer key which I'll get before launch. So for now at least, betas are only for Android users.

Download (android only)
- Version

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it and see what you think!

If you cannot download it, you can watch the sneak peak video!

please support, link, share and re-tweet.  Thanks!